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Top Business News Stories of the Day 14th March 2024


Here are the top 20 business news highlights for today:

  1. Ulta CEO emphasizes the need for e-commerce sites to combat the sale of stolen goods.
  2. Leadership change at Brooks Running as the CEO steps down, handing over the reins to the COO.
  3. Lego’s revenue shows growth in 2023 despite challenges, including trade-downs and issues in China.
  4. NWSL Commissioner Jessica Berman’s leadership crucial in guiding the league out of crisis.
  5. Pfizer shifts focus to cancer drugs following a decline in Covid-related treatments.
  6. Wegovy approved in the U.S. for heart benefits, potentially expanding insurance coverage.
  7. FDA delays approval of Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s drug, surprising move for the pharmaceutical company.
  8. Novo Nordisk CEO discusses the potential of a weight loss pill becoming a best-in-class drug.
  9. Terran Orbital CEO explores strategic options after a takeover bid by Lockheed Martin.
  10. GM cuts the price of the Chevy Blazer EV as sales resume after software issues.
  11. Family offices on Wall Street have tripled since 2019, indicating a growing trend.
  12. Gap surpasses holiday earnings estimates, with Old Navy showing notable growth.
  13. Despite online growth, Costco falls short of holiday-quarter revenue expectations.
  14. Space company Astra transitions to private ownership to avoid bankruptcy.
  15. Rivian shares surge as the company unveils new EV models and cost-saving measures.
  16. United Airlines pauses pilot hiring due to Boeing’s delivery delays.
  17. Mattel aims to revamp American Girl and Fisher-Price brands, drawing inspiration from Barbie.
  18. GM appoints an ex-Tesla and Google executive for a manufacturing role.
  19. Frontier Airlines introduces upsells like empty middle seats and more legroom at the front.
  20. Airbus widens its lead in aircraft deliveries over Boeing amidst the Max crisis.

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