Top 100 International EdTech Awards
100 Most Influential People
Top 100 Education portal of the year
CEO of the Year at CEO Reporter Awards
Women Entrepreneur of the year
Top 10 Tech Startups
Top 10 innovative EdTech Company
Ideal workplace to Work
Agricultural Bank of the year
Asset Management CEO of the Year
Banking CEO of the Year
Best Accessibility to Recharge Battery-Powered Electronics South
Best Accounting Firm and Business Advisors
Best Advertising Agency
Best AI-Powered Compliance RegTech
Best All-in-One Payment Portal
Best Architect Service Provider
Best Asset Management Company
Best Asset Management Firm
Best Asset Manager
Best Auto/Motor Insurance Provider
Best B2B Company
Best Background Screening Company
Best Bank
Best Bank for ESG
Best Bank In Customer Service
Best Bank in Women Banking
Best Banking Product
Best Banking Services
Best Banking Services Comparison Site
Best Banking Services Provider
Best Bitcoin Trading Platform
Best Blockchain Consulting Firm
Best Bond Fund Manager in Asia
Best Bot Management Company
Best Boutique Hotel
Best Brand in Insurance
Best Branding
Best Buy-Now Pay-Later (BNPL) Solutions
Best Card Security Solutions Provider Denmark
Best CFD Broker Greece
Best Chinese Offshore Ratings Agency
Best Clean Energy Project Developer
Best Client Support Southeast Asia
Best Cloud Security Solution Provider
Best Cloud-Based Accounting Software Provider
Best Commercial Banking Brand
Best Commercial Vehicles Manufacturer
Best Community Program in
Best Company Valuation Platform
Best Consulting and Sourcing Advisory Firm
Best Copy Program
Best Corporate Advisory Firm
Best Corporate Governance Company
Best Corporate Governance Leader
Best Corporate Payment Project
Best Cost-Efficient Tours Service Provider
Best Coworking Space In
Best Cross Border Payments Solution Provider
Best Cryptocurrency CFD Broker
Best CSR Bank
Best CSR Bank Cameroon
Best CSR Initiative Firm
Best CSR Initiative Firm Botswana
Best CSR Program in Mining Industry
Best Currency Risk Management Partner
Best Customer Rated Background Screening Company
Best Customer Service Broker
Best Customer-centric Real Estate Developer
Best Cutting-edge Digital Products and Services Provider
Best Cybersecurity Solution Provider Denmark
Best Data Analytic Solutions Provider for Financial Institutions
Best Data Analytics
Best Decarbonization Solutions Provider Asia-Pacific
Best Digital Advisory Firm
Best Digital Bank
Best Digital Bank in Indonesia
Best Digital Banking Platform
Best Digital Banking Services Provider
Best Digital Finance Solutions Provider
Best Digital Initiative
Best Digital Insurance Company
Best Digital Payment Platform
Best Digital Transformation
Best Digital Transformation Enabler
Best Digital Wealth Management Company
Best Distributor of the Year
Best Domestic Initiative of the Year
Best Ecommerce Platform
Best Electrical Grid Automation Solutions Provider
Best Emerging Green Microfinance Company
Best Employee-centered Workplace Culture
Best Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives
Best Environment-Friendly District Cooling Solutions Provider
Best Equity House
Best Equity Investment Manager
Best ERP and Einvoicing Application
Best ESG Asset Management Company
Best ESG Fund Management Company
Best ETF Manager
Best FDI Destination
Best Financial Data Solutions Provider
Best Financial Inclusion Bank
Best Financial Inclusion Bank South
Best Financial Products and Services Provider
Best Financial Service Innovation
Best Financial Services Group
Best Financial Wellness App Spain
Best FinTech Solutions Provider for Micro-Finance Business
Best Fintech-as-a-Service Platform
Best Food Delivery App
Best Food Manufacturing of Sweet Corn Products Company
Best for Customer Support CFD Broker
Best Forex Broker
Best Forex Broker in Southeast Asia
Best Forex Service Provider
Best Forex Trading Analysis Platform South
Best Forex Trading Platform
Best FX Services Canada
Best Gender Equality Index in Diversity and Inclusion
Best General Insurance App
Best General Insurance Company
Best Green Bank
Best Green Initiative
Best Green Renewable Energy Power Plant
Best Health Awareness Campaign
Best High-Quality & Low-Cost Accessible For Satellite Broadband
Best Home & Living Digital Platform
Best HR Banking Application
Best Humanitarian Aid Infrastructure Project of the Year (Slum Housing)
Best IB Partnership Program
Best IB Program
Best in Life Insurance Customer Service
Best Independent Insurance Broker
Best Instant Online Loan Service Provider
Best Insurance Services Provider Luxembourg
Best Insurance Training Institute South
Best Integrated Marketing Communications and Services Network Provider
Best Integrated Oil and Gas Provider
Best Integrated SAP Services Provider
Best Interior Design Service Provider
Best Internal Audit Bank
Best International Credit Ratings Agency –
Best Investment Analysis Provider
Best Investment Bank
Best Investment Banking Firm
Best Investment Company
Best Investment Company ASIA
Best Investment Management Company
Best Investment Solution Provider
Best Investor Relations in the
Best Islamic Banking Window
Best Islamic Financial Institution
Best Islamic Fintech Solutions Provider
Best Juice and Dairy Products
Best Junior ISA Provider
Best LegalTech Service Provider Spain
Best Life Insurance Company
Best Life Insurance Product (GOLD FUND)
Best Lifestyle Marketing Consultancy
Best Low Cost Carrier
Best Luxury 5 Star Hotel in
Best Luxury 5-star Hotel
Best Luxury Hotel
Best Luxury Hotel in Jordan
Best Marine Insurance Provider
Best Marketing Services Provider
Best Media Production Company
Best Mining Company to Work For
Best Mixed Use Developer
Best Mobile App
Best Mobile Banking Experience
Best Mobile Trading App
Best Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Company
Best Multi-Asset CFD Broker
Best MVNA/E & Digital Communications Technology SaaS company
Best MVNA/E & Digital Communications Technology SaaS company for
Best New Bank
Best New Comprehensive Life Insurance Company
Best New Domestic Life Insurance Company
Best New Fund – Iskan Money Market Fund
Best New Insurance Infrastructure Provider
Best New Real Estate Asset Management Company
Best New Venture Capital Firm
Best Office Space & Staff Leasing Provider
Best One-Step Forex Trading Accounts Provider
Best One-stop-shop for Media and Entertainment
Best Online Payment Platform
Best Online Trading and Investment Platform
Best Online Travel Insurance Provider
Best Open Banking Initiative
Best Overall CSR Excellence in
Best Partner Program
Best Partner Program GCC
Best Payday and Payroll loan Service Provider
Best Performing Bank
Best Performing Real Estate Company
Best Personalized Investment Service Provider
Best Peso Fixed Income Fund
Best Platform for Sale/Acquisition of Renewable Energy Assets
Best Portfolio Management System
Best Power Bank Rental Network South
Best Private Bank
Best Private Bank and Wealth Management
Best Private Bank for Succession Planning
Best Private Bank for Wealthy Women
Best Private Bank in
Best Private Consulting Firm
Best Private Sector Energy and Infrastructure Financing Company
Best Professional Asset Managers and Technology Developers
Best Project Management Service Provider
Best Promotions & Marketing Innovation Broker
Best Prop Trading Firm
Best Prop Trading firm in
Best Property Management Services Provider
Best Provider of ERP Solutions
Best Public Relations and Communications Services Provider Cyprus
Best Quality Ceylon Tea Producer in
Best Real Estate Company
Best Real Estate Development Company
Best Real-Time Payment in
Best Regional Airline
Best RegTech News & Networking Platform
Best Rent A Car Company in
Best Rental Management Platform
Best Restaurant Company
Best Retail Bank
Best Retail Banking Award
Best Retail Brand Transformation
Best Savings Bank
Best Secure Digital Bank
Best Securities Brokerage House
Best Service Provider Oriented Forex Company
Best Sharia Compliant Bank
Best Smart Investment Platform
Best SME Bank
Best SMEs Bank
Best Social Media Management, Website Development, and Business Consulting Services Provider
Best Startup Insurance Company
Best Stock Life Insurance Provider
Best Supermarket
Best Supermarket of Choice
Best Sustainability Practices in Banking Sector
Best Sustainable Business Practices
Best Sustainable Design and Technological Advancement Company
Best Sustainable Firm
Best Sustainable Handmade Bath & Skincare Products
Best Tax-efficient Products Provider
Best Telecommunication Service Provider
Best Trade and Investment Facilitation Company
Best Trade Finance Bank
Best Trading Account for Beginners
Best Trading Accounts
Best Trading Experience Provider
Best Treasury Management Services
Best User Friendly Banking Application
Best Utility Services Provider
Best Venture Capital Firm for Startups
Best Virtual Event or Conference
Best Website Design
Best Wedding and Meeting Venue
Best Wine Event Organizers
Best Women Empowerment Utility Company
Best World Financial Trading Portal
Building Project Of The Year
Business Resilience Pioneer Asia (Mr. Aung Myat Khaing)
CEO of The Year in Insurance Training Sector South
CEO of the Year in Mining Industry
CEO of the Year in Mutual Life and Investments Sector
CEO of the Year in Power Sector
COO of the Year in Hospitality Sector
Cybersecurity Excellence Award
Digital Banking Provider of the year
Dr. Vincent Siaw – Excellence in Corporate Governance
Emerging Leader in Staffing Solutions
Entrepreneur Of The Year in
Excellence in Ecosystem Development and Youth Entrepreneurship Support SEA (Resilience Builders)
Excellence in Leadership
Exemplary Forex Education Provider South
Exporter Solutions Provider For SME and Micro Businesses
Fastest Growing Asset and Property Management Company
Fastest Growing Bank
Fastest Growing Branch Network
Fastest Growing Broker
Fastest Growing Commercial Bank
Fastest Growing Corporate Bank
Fastest Growing Credit Card Issuer
Fastest Growing Digital Bank
Fastest Growing Digital Payment Services Platform
Fastest Growing Fintech
Fastest Growing FinTech Company
Fastest Growing Industrial Development Company
Fastest Growing Instant Funding Prop Firm
Fastest Growing Insurance Company in
Fastest Growing Insurtech Company
Fastest Growing InsurTech Firm
Fastest Growing Money Lending Firm
Fastest Growing Real Estate Company
Fastest Growing Retail Bank
Fastest Growing Retail Banking Bank
Fastest Growing Rural Retail Bank
Fastest Growing Social Commerce Platform
Fastest Growing Supermarket Chains
Fastest Growing Takaful Insurance Company
Fastest Growing Tech-Driven Logistics Company
Fastest Growing Wealth Management
Footwear Brand of the Year
Global Emerger of the Year
Hospitality Digital Marketing Leader of the Year
Humanitarian Aid Infrastructure CEO of the Year
Innovation Leadership in ERP Technology for Industry Transformation
Insurance CEO of the Year
Insurance CEO of the Year Asia
InsurTech CEO of the Year
Largest Collection of Coworking Spaces
Largest Cryptocurrency Educational Platform Provider Spain
Largest Flexible Space and Talent-as-a-Service Provider
Largest Integrated Property Developers
Leader in Strategic Excellence
Leadership in Promoting Development of Island Communities
Leading Accounting & Tax Services
Leading Agricultural Food Group
Leading AI Investment Platform
Leading Asset Management Company
Leading Automobile Assemblers
Leading Boutique Investment Bank CEE
Leading Bus Manufacturer
Leading Business Advisory Firm
Leading Business and Technology Consulting Firm
Leading Business Conglomerates
Leading Card Security Technology Provider Denmark
Leading Catalyst of Investments, Trade, and Finance
Leading Community Learning Platform
Leading Company in Window and Door Industry
Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Leading Cutting Edge Business Solutions Provider
Leading Data Management Consulting Firm
Leading Developer of Residential Communities
Leading Digital Finance Solutions Provider
Leading Digital Financial Solution Provider
Leading Digital Investment Platform for Investors
Leading Digital Payment Solution Provider
Leading Digital Startup Ecosystem for the Entrepreneurs and Startups in
Leading Diversified Company
Leading Electronic Wallet (EasyWallet)
Leading Facility Management Services Provider
Leading Financial Services Company
Leading Financial Services Institutions
Leading Group Health Insurer in the
Leading Health Insurance and Service Provider for Expats
Leading Healthcare Service Provider
Leading Hospitality Brand
Leading Hotels & Resorts Group
Leading HR & Payroll Software Platform
Leading Independent Financial Services Provider
Leading Infrastructure Development and Project Management Consulting Company
Leading Infrastructure Development Company
Leading Infrastructure Finance Company
Leading Insurance Provider
Leading Insurtech Platform
Leading Integrated Lifestyle Real Estate Company
Leading International Accounting and Advisory Firm
Leading Internet Service Providers
Leading Investment Firm
Leading Islamic Bank
Leading Lifestyle Company
Leading Lifestyle Enabling Fintech Platform
Leading Lifestyle Enabling Solution Provider
Leading Liquidity Provider
Leading Logistics Solutions Provider
Leading Luxury Holiday Homes Providing Company
Leading Mobile Operator
Leading Mobile Payment Platform
Leading Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Group
Leading Mutual Insurer
Leading Next-Generation Broadband Satellite Operator
Leading One-Stop Algo-Trading Platform Hongkong
Leading Online Payment Gateway System
Leading Online Trading Firm
Leading Pan-n Communications Consultancy
Leading Payment Services Bank
Leading Platform for Financial Professionals
Leading Podcast Hosting and Monetizing Platform
Leading power generation company
Leading Professional and Quick-to-Respond Support Service
Leading Provider of 5G Open RAN and 5G Open Source
Leading Provider of Integrated Financial Services
Leading Public Relations Firm
Leading Real Estate Company
Leading Real Estate Developer of Luxury Properties in
Leading Renewable Energy Company
Leading Securities Company
Leading Shari’ah Compliant Financial Services Provider
Leading SME Bank
Leading Strategy and Risk Management Consulting Boutique in the
Leading Supply Chain Finance Technology Solutions Provider
Leading Takaful Operators in
Leading Tea Plantations in
Leading Trading Platform
Leading Web Technology Company
Marketing and Advertising CEO of the Year
Mobile Operator of the Year
Most Access to Talents by Digital Platform
Most Accessible Payment Option for Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Most Affordable Health Insurance Service Provider
Most Affordable Screening Services Provider
Most Convenient and Comprehensive Financial Solutions Provider
Most Convenient Digital Property Management and Rent Collection Platform GCC
Most Creative Campaign in Health and Wellness
Most Creative Entertainment, Education and Inspirational Media Company
Most Customer-Friendly Financial Solution Provider
Most Diversified Conglomerate
Most Expertised Inbound Tour Operator
Most Exquisite and Luxurious Holiday Rentals
Most Flexible Workspace
Most High Quality Logistics Services Provider
Most High Quality Trading Experience Provider
Most High-Quality Accounting and Advisory Services Provider
Most High-Quality Telecommunications Services Provider
Most Influential MarTech Leader
Most Innovative Ad Campaign
Most Innovative AI based Ecommerce Platform Asia
Most Innovative Algorithmic Trading Solutions Provider
Most Innovative and Customized Takaful Solutions Provider
Most Innovative and Reliable Brokerage Services Provider
Most Innovative Bank in Women Empowerment
Most Innovative Business Leader of the Year
Most Innovative Card Security Solution Provider Denmark
Most Innovative Corporate Services Provider
Most Innovative CRM Technology Implementation
Most Innovative Crypto Bank
Most Innovative Digital Bank
Most Innovative Digital Banking Services
Most Innovative Digital Health and Wellness Platform
Most Innovative Digital Insurance Solution Provider
Most Innovative Digital Payment Applications
Most Innovative Energy Partner
Most Innovative Finance Solutions Provider
Most Innovative Industrial Development Company
Most Innovative Insurance Company
Most Innovative Insurance Provider
Most Innovative Manufacturing Company
Most Innovative Money Wallet Product
Most Innovative Non-Banking Finance Solutions Provider
Most Innovative Online Therapy Application
Most Innovative Out-of-Home Media Providers in Asia
Most Innovative Payment Solutions Provider
Most Innovative Professional Consulting Service Firm
Most Innovative Property Development Firm
Most Innovative PropTech Solution Provider in South
Most Innovative Real Estate Company
Most Innovative Real Estate Project of the Year
Most Innovative Smart Devices Manufacturers
Most Innovative SME funding Solutions Provider
Most Innovative Solar Energy Tech Company
Most Innovative Technology Company South
Most Innovative Trading and Trade Finance Platform (Kratos)
Most Innovative Trading Experience Provider Dubai
Most Innovative Transportation and Logistics Company
Most Number of Infrastructure Projects
Most Preferred Corporate Bank
Most Promising Islamic Banking
Most Recommended Airlines GCC
Most Recommended CFD Broker St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Most Recommended Currency and Payments Provider
Most Recommended Foreign Bank
Most Recommended Motor Insurance Provider
Most Recommended Real Estate Company
Most Reliable and Trusted Business Management Consulting Company
Most Reliable eCommerce and Food Delivery Solutions Provider in the
Most Reliable Final Distribution Products Brand in South East Asia
Most Reliable Forex Broker
Most Reliable Fuel Delivery Platform
Most Reliable General Insurance Provider
Most Reliable International Money Transfer Solutions Provider
Most Reliable Private Equity Funds Provider CEE
Most Reliable Residential Segment Electrical Products Brand
Most Reliable Trading Solutions Provider
Most Secure and Transparent Broker
Most Secure Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange Platform
Most Secure Mobile Money Wallet Services Provider
Most Secure Payment Processing Firm
Most Secure Trading Platform
Most Secured Trading Platform
Most Socially Responsible Bank
Most Socially Responsible Energy Company
Most Socially Responsible Media and Entertainment Company
Most Specialized Background Screening Company
Most Sustainable and Integrated Energy Solutions Provider
Most Sustainable Bank
Most Sustainable Building Facade Manufacturer
Most Sustainable Conglomerate Group
Most Sustainable Destination for Business
Most Sustainable Development Bank
Most Sustainable Financial Services Provider Uganda
Most Sustainable Financing Solutions to SME’s
Most Sustainable Infrastructure Development Company
Most Sustainable Insurance Company
Most Sustainable Power Company
Most Sustainable Private Bank in
Most Sustainable Real Estate Developer
Most Sustainable Real Estate Investor
Most Sustainable Renewable Energy Firm
Most Sustainable Vehicles Manufacturer
Most Transparent Forex Trading Platform St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Most Transparent Prop Trading Firm
Most Trusted and Reliable Freelance Talent Marketplace
Most Trusted Asset Management Company
Most Trusted Blockchain and Crypto Exchange Platform
Most Trusted Broker
Most Trusted Commercial Bank
Most Trusted Corporate Development Consultancy
Most Trusted Crypto Banking Services Provider
Most Trusted CSR Bank
Most Trusted Cyber Security Solutions Provider
Most Trusted Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform
Most Trusted Digital Wellness Platform
Most Trusted Email Cloud Security Provider
Most Trusted Financial Broker
Most Trusted Fully-Integrated Digital Service Providers
Most Trusted Insurance Company
Most Trusted Insurance Service Provider
Most Trusted Investment Partner
Most Trusted Investment Solutions Provider Greece
Most Trusted Marketplace for Customers and Talent
Most Trusted Mobile Network Operator
Most Trusted Online Life Insurance Company
Most Trusted Online Platform for Food and Goods Delivery
Most Trusted Podcast Hosting Platform
Most Trusted Property Management Company
Most Trusted SME Bank
Most Trusted Trading Platform
Multi-Business HR Excellence Leadership Award
Outstanding Achievement for Best Wealth Protection Services
Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Sustainable Development
Outstanding CEO Of a Payment Service Bank
Outstanding Contribution in PR Sector
Outstanding Investment Company CEO of the year
Pension Company of the Year
Preferred Customer-Friendly Bank
Real Estate CEO of the Year
Real Estate Company of the Year
Real Estate Project of the Year
Resilient Leadership Award
Retail Bank of the Year
Rising Star in Forex Broker Sector Asia
The Best Integrated Risk Management of
The Fastest growing Banks in term of Syndicated Loans
The Most Innovative Manager in Financial Market
The Most Innovative Media/PR Provider Spain
The Most Trusted Broker
Top Advanced Broker
Top User-Friendly Mobile App


Large Agency of the Year
Boutique Agency of the Year
Up-and-Coming Agency of the Year
Small Agency of the Year
Product Design Agency of the Year
Logo Design Agency of the Year
Graphic Design Agency of the Year
Print Design Agency of the Year
Packaging Design Agency of the Year
User Experience Agency of the Year
Web Design Agency of the Year
Design Agency of the Year

Cultural Design Impact
Multifunctional Design
Design Breakthrough
Sustainable Design
Design Concept
Innovative Design

Graphic Design
Motion Graphic Design
Infographic Design Mastery
Graphic Design Trendsetter
Typography in Graphic Design
Color Theory Application
Graphic Composition

Logo Design
Abstract Logo Creation
Emblem Logo Design
Negative Space in Logo
Symbolic Logo Design
Monogram Logo
Logo Design of the Year

Packaging Design
Eco-friendly Packaging Innovation
Luxury Packaging Design
Packaging Usability
Thematic Packaging
Innovative Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

Print Design
Editorial Print Design
Poster Design Excellence
Print Design Campaign
Use of Print Mediums
Brochure Layout
Print Ad Design

Product Design
Modular Product Design
Ergonomic Product Excellence
User-Centric Product Design
Aesthetic Product Concept
Functional Design
Sustainable Product Design

Independent Designer of the Year
Collaboration of the Year
Lifetime Achievement
Rising Star
Product Innovator of the Year
Logo Creator of the Year
Graphic Artist of the Year
Print Specialist of the Year
Packaging Designer of the Year
UX Expert of the Year
Web Designer of the Year
Designer of the Year

User Experience
UX Research Excellence
Interactive UX Design
Accessible Web Experience
User Interface Integration
User Flow Design
User-Centric Design

Web Design
Parallax Web Design
Mobile Web Design Excellence
Use of Multimedia in Web Design
Web Typography
Creative Web Layout
Responsive Web Design

Digital Marketing

Mobile Marketing
Best Augmented Reality Mobile Campaign
Best Use of Mobile Data
Best Mobile User Experience
Best In-App Advertising
Best Mobile Email Campaign
Best Mobile Video Advertising
Best Mobile Game Marketing
Best Location-Based Marketing
Best SMS Marketing Campaign
Best Mobile App Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing
Best Interactive Video Campaign
Best 360 Video Experience
Best Video Storytelling
Best Educational Video Series
Best Animated Video Content
Best Use of Video in Social Media
Best Live Streaming Event
Best Video Ad Campaign
Best Product Demo Video
Best Brand Video

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign
Best Synergy in Media Channels
Best Creative Use of Media
Best Customer Journey Mapping
Best Use of Data in Integrated Campaigns
Best Digital to Offline Integration
Best Multi-Platform Integration
Best Omnichannel Marketing
Best Cross-Channel Campaign
Best Integrated Campaign (Enterprise)
Best Integrated Campaign (Small Business)

E-commerce Marketing
Best Mobile E-commerce Strategy
Best E-commerce Video Content
Best Cross-Selling E-commerce Strategy
Best Use of AI in E-commerce
Best E-commerce Personalization
Best Social Commerce
Best Shopping Experience Optimization
Best E-commerce Launch Campaign
Best E-commerce Marketing Innovation
Best E-commerce Customer Service

Digital Marketing Innovation
Best AR Product Visualization
Best VR Marketing Experience
Best Chatbot Marketing Campaign
Best IoT Marketing Campaign
Best Blockchain Use in Marketing
Best Voice Search Optimization
Best Use of New Technology
Best Marketing Automation Innovation
Best Use of Augmented Reality
Best Digital Campaign Innovation

Analytics and Data Insights
Best Marketing Mix Modeling
Best Web Analytics Implementation
Best Data Visualization in Marketing
Best Conversion Rate Optimization
Best Marketing Dashboard Design
Best Predictive Analytics Implementation
Best Use of Big Data
Best Customer Segmentation
Best AI for Data Analysis
Best Use of Analytics for Insights

Digital Advertising
Best Ad Copy
Best Cross-Platform Advertising Strategy
Best Use of Advertising Analytics
Best Remarketing Campaign
Best Use of Native Advertising
Best Programmatic Ad Campaign
Best Mobile Advertising
Best Video Advertising
Best Display Advertising
Best PPC Campaign

Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing Innovation
Best B2C Email Campaign
Best B2B Email Campaign
Best Seasonal Email Campaign
Best Lead Nurturing Email Campaign
Best Newsletter Content
Best Customer Retention Email Campaign
Best Email Automation
Best Email Personalization
Best Email Design

Best Mobile SEO Strategy
Best Use of SEO Analytics
Best Integrated SEO & PPC Strategy
Best SEO Innovation
Best Global SEO Campaign
Best Technical SEO
Best E-commerce SEO Strategy
Best Local SEO Campaign
Best Use of Keywords
Best SEO & Content Strategy

Content Marketing
Best Influencer Content Strategy
Best SEO Content Strategy
Best Branded Content Campaign
Best Educational Content
Best Podcast Series
Best Use of User-Generated Content
Best Content Marketing for Lead Generation
Best Interactive Content
Best Video Content
Best Blog Content Strategy

Social Media
Best TikTok Campaign
Best TikTok Account
Best Instagram Campaign
Best Instagram Account
Best Facebook Campaign
Best Facebook Account
Best Social Media for Social Good
Best Community Engagement on Social Media
Best LinkedIn Campaign
Best LinkedIn Account
Best Snapchat Campaign
Best Snapchat Account
Best X Campaign
Best X Account


Agriculture and Food
Best Food Traceability Tool
Best Agricultural Drones
Best Water Management Tech
Best Food Preservation Technology
Best Nutrition Analysis Tool
Best Agri-Robotics Implementation
Best Alternative Protein Startup
Best Farm Management Software
Best Agri-Finance Platform
Best Crop Monitoring Tool
Best Soil Health Innovation
Best Organic Farming Support
Best Vertical Farming Solution
Best Food Processing Innovation
Best Precision Farming Solution
Best Food Delivery Platform
Best Sustainable Packaging Solution
Best Aquaculture Tech
Best Food Safety Technology
Best Agricultural Tech Startup

Artificial Intelligence
Best AI in Arts and Entertainment
Best AI for Public Sector
Best AI Ethics and Governance Program
Best AI for Finance
Best AI for Retail
Best AI Chatbot
Best AI in Education
Best AI for Customer Service
Best AI-Driven Analytics Platform
Best AI for Marketing
Best AI for Security
Best AI for Human Resources
Best AI in Agriculture
Best AI in Manufacturing
Best AI for Logistics
Best AI in Robotics
Best AI for Legal Services
Best AI-Driven Content Generation
Best AI for Environmental Monitoring
Best AI for Healthcare

B2B Services
Best Business Intelligence Solution
Best Remote Work Solution
Best Corporate Training Program
Best Business Continuity Solution
Best Collaboration Platform
Best HR Tech Solution
Best E-commerce Platform
Best Supply Chain Management Tool
Best Business Analytics Tool
Best Marketing Automation Platform
Best Customer Support Tool
Best Compliance Software
Best Industry-Specific Software
Best Sales Enablement Tool
Best AI for Business Applications
Best Security as a Service
Best Enterprise Software
Best CRM Solution
Best ERP Software
Best Project Management Tool

Consumer Services
Best Consumer Privacy Service
Best Home Improvement Tech
Best Culinary Startup
Best Event Planning Service
Best Personal Security App
Best Subscription Service
Best Personal Finance App
Best Home Delivery Service
Best Consumer Health Platform
Best Pet Services Platform
Best Family Tech Solution
Best Lifestyle Service App
Best Travel Startup
Best Luxury Goods Platform
Best Beauty Tech Startup
Best Fitness App
Best Digital Entertainment Service
Best Online Learning Platform
Best Relationship Service
Best Online Retail Startup

Best Learning Management System
Best Educational VR Experience
Best Teacher Training Technology
Best Special Education Resource
Best Student Engagement Tool
Best Adaptive Learning Technology
Best Educational Game
Best Virtual Classroom Solution
Best Online Certification Platform
Best Language Learning App
Best STEM Education Tool
Best Educational Content Marketplace
Best School Administration Software
Best Student Information System
Best Tutoring Platform
Best Career Guidance Tool
Best Scholarship Matching Platform
Best Exam Preparation App
Best Educational App
Best E-learning Platform

Best Natural Resource Management Tech
Best Environmental Monitoring System
Best Green Urban Planning Tool
Best Sustainable Consumer Products
Best Carbon Capture Technology
Best Green Building Tech
Best Sustainable Manufacturing Process
Best Water Purification Innovation
Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution
Best Sustainable Agriculture Tech
Best Waste Management Innovation
Best Air Quality Improvement Tech
Best Energy Efficiency Solution
Best Green Transportation Initiative
Best Sustainable Tourism Tech
Best Climate Change Mitigation Tech
Best Ocean Conservation Tool
Best Wildlife Protection Technology
Best Ecosystem Restoration Project
Best Renewable Energy Tech

Best Cryptocurrency Innovation
Best Investment Platform
Best InsurTech Solution
Best Crowdfunding Platform
Best Blockchain for Finance
Best RegTech Solution
Best Risk Management Tool
Best Lending Platform
Best Wealth Management Tool
Best Trading Platform
Best Financial Planning App
Best Bank Tech Innovation
Best Mobile Banking Service
Best Fraud Detection Solution
Best Financial Inclusion Initiative
Best Credit Scoring Tool
Best Cross-border Payment Solution
Best Financial Data Analytics
Best Digital Wallet
Best Payment Gateway

Health and Wellness
Best Pharmacy Tech Solution
Best Preventative Health Tech
Best Health Risk Assessment Tool
Best Mental Health Platform
Best Fitness Tracking Device
Best Nutritional Tech Startup
Best Personal Health Record Software
Best Medical Device Innovation
Best E-health Accessibility Innovation
Best Health Data Management Solution
Best Wearable Health Tech
Best Addiction Recovery Platform
Best Child Health Tech
Best Elderly Care Tech
Best Patient Management System
Best Health Education Platform
Best Remote Monitoring Tool
Best Clinical Trial Software
Best Wellness App
Best Telehealth Service

Media and Entertainment
Best Digital Rights Management Solution
Best Celebrity Fan Engagement Tool
Best Sports Tech Innovation
Best Content Personalization Engine
Best Gaming Innovation
Best Virtual Event Platform
Best Content Creation Tool
Best Music Tech Startup
Best Film Tech Innovation
Best AR/VR Entertainment Experience
Best E-sports Platform
Best Digital Art Platform
Best Social Media Innovation
Best Influencer Marketing Platform
Best Online Advertising Solution
Best Video Production Tech
Best News Aggregation Service
Best Digital Media Startup
Best Podcast Platform
Best Streaming Service

Real Estate and Construction
Best Land Development Innovation
Best Lease Management Platform
Best Building Maintenance App
Best Real Estate Legal Tech
Best Construction Project Management
Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform
Best Property Valuation Tool
Best Construction Tech Solution
Best Smart Home Product
Best Real Estate Investment Platform
Best Virtual Property Tour Service
Best Real Estate Data Analytics
Best Home Automation System
Best Commercial Real Estate Tech
Best Sustainable Building Materials
Best Urban Planning Tool
Best Real Estate CRM
Best Architecture Software
Best Property Management Software
Best Real Estate Marketplace

Mobility and Transportation
Best Traffic Management Solution
Best Smart City Transport Initiative
Best Bike Sharing Service
Best Scooter Rental Platform
Best Last Mile Delivery Solution
Best Transportation Safety Innovation
Best Sustainable Transport Initiative
Best Urban Mobility Solution
Best Autonomous Driving Technology
Best Transportation App
Best Logistics Tech Startup
Best Ride-Sharing Platform
Best Micro-Mobility Solution
Best Maritime Tech Innovation
Best Aviation Tech Startup
Best Supply Chain Automation Tool
Best Public Transport Tech
Best Vehicle Telematics Solution
Best Freight Booking Platform
Best Electric Vehicle Innovation

Social Impact
Best Cultural Preservation Project
Best Veteran Support Program
Best Poverty Alleviation Initiative
Best Mental Health Support Platform
Best Accessibility Tech
Best Disaster Response Innovation
Best Global Health Initiative
Best Urban Farming Startup
Best Conservation Tech
Best Humanitarian Aid Tool
Best Non-Profit Collaboration
Best Educational Tech Startup
Best Community Development Platform
Best Social Justice Initiative
Best Environmental Impact Startup
Best Clean Energy Startup
Best Water Conservation Initiative
Best Recycling Innovation
Best Sustainability Practice
Best Social Enterprise

Technology Innovation
Best Serverless Computing Service
Best Digital Twin Technology
Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough
Best 5G Implementation
Best Quantum Computing Initiative
Best Edge Computing Technology
Best Virtual Reality Product
Best Augmented Reality Product
Best Machine Learning Application
Best Automation Tool
Best Cybersecurity Solution
Best Data Analytics Service
Best Cloud Computing Service
Best Biotech Innovation
Best Health Tech Solution
Best Robotics Implementation
Best Sustainable Tech Solution
Best Blockchain Solution
Best AI-Driven Product
Best IoT Device


Website Analytics & Metrics
Best Monetization Metrics
Best Conversion Metrics
Best User Engagement Metrics
Best Analytics Solution

Website Content
Best Visual Content
Best Copywriting
Best Infographic Website
Best Audio Content Website
Best Video Content Website
Best News Website
Best Blog

Website Design
Best Mobile Experience
Best Accessibility Design
Best Responsive Design
Best Visual Design
Best User Experience (UX)
Best User Interface (UI)

Website Development
Best Mobile Experience
Best Database Integration/Visualization
Best E-commerce Development
Best Cross-Platform Development
Best Cloud Integration
Best AI/ML Integration

Website Marketing
Best Email Marketing Campaign
Best Content Marketing Campaign
Best SEO Optimization
Best Influencer Marketing Campaign
Best User Acquisition Campaign

Website Monetization
Best Affiliate Marketing Website
Best Freemium Model Website
Best Subscription Model Website
Best Ad-Supported Website
Best Rewards Program

Website of the Year
Best New Website
Best Landing Page
Best eCommerce Website
Best B2B Website
Best Independent Website
Best Breakout Website
Best Up-and-Coming Website
Best Overall Website

Advertising & PR

Advertising Campaign
Direct Mail Campaign
Radio Campaign
TV Campaign
Digital Campaign
Print Campaign
Interactive Campaign
SEO Campaign
Integrated Campaign
Social Media Campaign
Out of Home Campaign

Advertising Technology
Ad Management Platform
Ad Serving Technology
Data Management Platform
Demand Side Platform
Supply Side Platform

Agency of the Year
PR Agency
Experiential Marketing Agency
Production Agency
Web Agency
Branding Agency
SEO Agency
Full Service Agency
Digital Agency
Media Agency
Creative Agency

Branded Content
Branded Podcast
Branded Influencer Marketing
Branded Entertainment
Branded Short Film
Branded Web Series

Art Direction
Motion Design
Sound Design

Digital Advertising
Display Advertising
Video Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Search Advertising
Programmatic Advertising

Experiential Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
AR/VR Marketing
Event Marketing
Activation Marketing
Trade Show Marketing
Sponsorship Marketing

Media Planning & Buying
Media Planning
Media Buying
Media Mix Modelling
Media Strategy

Public Relations
Press Release
Media Relations
Influencer Relations
Crisis Management

Apps & Software

App of the Year
Best Overall App
Best New App
Best Up-and-Coming App
Best Breakout App

App/Software Analytics & Metrics
Best App User Engagement Metrics
Best App Conversion Metrics
Best App Monetization Metrics
Best App Analytics Solution

App/Software Design
Best User Interface (UI)
Best User Experience (UX)
Best Visual Design
Best Icon Design
Best App/Play Store Designs

App/Software Development
Best AI/ML Integration
Best Cloud Integration
Best Cross-Platform Development
Best Native Development
Best Hybrid Development

App/Software Marketing
Best User Acquisition Campaign
Best Influencer Marketing Campaign
Best App Retention Campaign
Best App Store Optimization (ASO)
Best App Launch Campaign

App/Software Monetization
Best Rewards Program
Best In-App Purchases
Best Subscription Model
Best Freemium Model
Best Ad-Supported Model

Mobile App
Best Lifestyle App
Best Financial App
Best Health & Fitness App
Best Travel App
Best Consumer App
Best Enterprise App
Best Gaming App
Best Utility App
Best Social Media App

Software of the Year
Best Overall App
Best New App
Best Up-and-Coming App
Best Breakout App

Real Estate

Best Real Estate Agent/Broker
Buyer’s Agent
Seller’s Agent
Leasing Agent

Best Real Estate Developer
Luxury Developer
Residential Developer
Commercial Developer
Mixed-Use Developer

Best Real Estate Marketing Campaign
Mixed-Use Marketing Campaign
Luxury Marketing Campaign
Residential Marketing Campaign
Commercial Marketing Campaign

Best Real Estate Office
Large Office
Small Office
Boutique Office
Residential Office
Commercial Office
Luxury Office

Best Real Estate Project
Residential Project
Commercial Project
Mixed-Use Project
Luxury Project

Best Real Estate Team
Buyer’s Team
Seller’s Team
Leasing Team

Best Real Estate/Agent

Innovative Real Estate Technology
Marketing Technology
Transaction Technology

Lifetime Achievement in Real Estate
Office Lifetime Achievement
Developer Lifetime Achievement
Agent/Broker Lifetime Achievement

Real Estate Community Service
Agent/Broker Community Service
Office Community Service
Developer Community Service

Sustainable Real Estate Practice
Residential Sustainability Practice
Commercial Sustainability Practice
Mixed-Use Sustainability Practice


Best Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
Law Firm Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
Lawyer Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
Legal Department Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Best Law Firm
National Law Firm
Regional Law Firm
Boutique Law Firm
Full-Service Law Firm

Best Lawyer
Litigation Lawyer
Corporate Lawyer
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Tax Lawyer
Employment Lawyer
Environmental Lawyer

Best Legal Department
In-House Legal Department
Non-Profit Legal Department
Government Legal Department

Best Legal Marketing Campaign
Law Firm Marketing Campaign
Lawyer Marketing Campaign
Legal Department Marketing Campaign

Best Legal Practice Area
Tax Practice Area
Employment Practice Area
Environmental Practice Area
Corporate Practice Area
Intellectual Property Practice Area
Litigation Practice Area

Best Legal Technology
eDiscovery Technology
Practice Management Technology
Legal Research Technology

Best Legal Writing
Brief Writing
Opinion Writing
Article Writing

Best Pro Bono/Community Service
Law Firm Pro Bono/Community Service
Lawyer Pro Bono/Community Service
Legal Department Pro Bono/Community Service

Lifetime Achievement in the Legal Industry
Law Firm Lifetime Achievement
Lawyer Lifetime Achievement
Legal Department Lifetime Achievement

Architecture / Interior Design

Best Architectural Design
Residential Architecture
Commercial Architecture
Eco-Friendly Architecture
Innovative Architecture

Best Collaboration
Architectural Collaboration
Interior Design Collaboration
Landscape Design Collaboration

Best Community Impact Design
Residential Community Impact Design
Commercial Community Impact Design
Landscape Community Impact Design

Best Heritage Restoration/Preservation
Landscape Heritage Restoration/Preservation
Residential Heritage Restoration/Preservation
Commercial Heritage Restoration/Preservation

Best Innovative Technology
Building Technology
Interior Design Technology
Landscape Design Technology

Best Interior Design
Residential Interior Design
Commercial Interior Design
Eco-Friendly Interior Design
Innovative Interior Design

Best Landscape Design
Residential Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design
Eco-Friendly Landscape Design
Innovative Landscape Design

Best Marketing Campaign
Traditional Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing Campaign
Social Media Marketing Campaign

Best Sustainable Design
Residential Sustainable Design
Commercial Sustainable Design
Landscape Sustainable Design
Innovative Sustainable Design

Lifetime Achievement in Architecture & Interior Design
Architecture Industry
Interior Design Industry
Landscape Design Industry


Best Brand
Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Premium Brand
Emerging Brand

Best Customer Service
Food & Beverage Retailer
Personal Care Retailer
Household Care Retailer

Best E-Commerce Platform
Online Grocery Retailer
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brand
Online Marketplace

Best Food & Beverage Product
Frozen Foods

Best Marketing Campaign
Traditional Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing Campaign
Social Media Marketing Campaign

Best New Product Launch
Food & Beverage
Personal Care
Household Care

Best Packaging
Sustainable Packaging
Innovative Packaging
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Eye-Catching Packaging

Best Sales Performance
Food & Beverage
Personal Care
Household Care

Best Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Supply Chain
Innovative Supply Chain
Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

Lifetime Achievement in the CPG Industry
Food & Beverage Industry
Personal Care Industry
Household Care Industry


Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative
Bank CSR Initiative
Investment Firm CSR Initiative
Wealth Management Firm CSR Initiative
Insurance Company CSR Initiative

Best Financial Advisor
Individual Financial Advisor
Team Financial Advisor

Best Financial Literacy Initiative
Wealth Management Firm Financial Literacy Initiative
Insurance Company Financial Literacy Initiative
Bank Financial Literacy Initiative
Investment Firm Financial Literacy Initiative
Advisor Financial Literacy Initiative

Best Financial Technology (FinTech)
Digital Banking Technology
Investment Technology
Wealth Management Technology
Insurance Technology

Best Insurance Company
National Insurance Company
Regional Insurance Company
Boutique Insurance Company

Best Investment Firm
National Investment Firm
Regional Investment Firm
Boutique Investment Firm

Best Retirement Plan
Corporate Retirement Plan
Government Retirement Plan
Non-Profit Retirement Plan

Best Wealth Management Firm
National Wealth Management Firm
Regional Wealth Management Firm
Boutique Wealth Management Firm

Lifetime Achievement in the Finance Industry
Bank Executive Lifetime Achievement
Investment Executive Lifetime Achievement
Advisor Lifetime Achievement
Wealth Management Executive Lifetime Achievement
Insurance Executive Lifetime Achievement


Best B2B Company
Small B2B Company
Fastest Growing B2B Company
Innovative B2B Company
Large B2B Company

Best B2B Customer Service
Large Customer Service Team
Small Customer Service Team
Most Innovative Customer Service

Best B2B Industry Thought Leader

Best B2B Marketing Campaign
Lead Generation Campaign
Brand Awareness Campaign
Product Launch Campaign
Event Marketing Campaign

Best B2B Partner Program
Affiliate Partner Program
Technology Partner Program
Channel Partner Program

Best B2B Product/Service
Software Product/Service
Hardware Product/Service
Consulting Product/Service
Outsourcing Product/Service

Best B2B Sales Team
Most Innovative Sales Team
Large Sales Team
Small Sales Team

Best B2B Supplier
Large Supplier
Small Supplier
Most Innovative Supplier

Best B2B Website
E-Commerce Website
Lead Generation Website
Information Website

Lifetime Achievement in B2B
B2B Company Lifetime Achievement
B2B Executive Lifetime Achievement


Best Customer Service
Online Retailer
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brand
Online Marketplace

Best E-Commerce Platform
Online Retailer
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brand
Online Marketplace
Mobile Commerce

Best Logistics & Delivery
Same-Day Delivery
Next-Day Delivery
Contactless Delivery

Best Payment Experience
Secure Payment
Seamless Payment
Innovative Payment

Best Sales Performance
Online Marketplace
Online Retailer
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Brand

Best Shopping Experience
User Experience (UX)
Customer Experience (CX)
Mobile Shopping Experience

Best Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Supply Chain
Innovative Supply Chain
Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

Lifetime Achievement in the E-Commerce Industry
Online Marketplace Industry
Mobile Commerce Industry
Online Retail Industry
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Industry


Best Bar
Cocktail Bar
Wine Bar
Beer Bar
Sports Bar

Best Conference/Event Venue
Wedding Venue
Live Music Venue
Sports Venue
Corporate Conference Venue

Best Employee Experience
Hotel Employee Experience
Restaurant Employee Experience
Spa Employee Experience
Tourist Destination Employee Experience

Best Guest Experience
Spa Guest Experience
Tourist Destination Guest Experience
Hotel Guest Experience
Restaurant Guest Experience

Best Hotel
Budget Hotel
Eco-Friendly Hotel
Luxury Hotel
Boutique Hotel

Best Marketing Campaign
Social Media Marketing Campaign
Traditional Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing Campaign

Best Restaurant
Fine Dining Restaurant
Casual Dining Restaurant
Fast Casual Restaurant
Sustainable Restaurant

Best Spa
Luxury Spa
Boutique Spa
Budget Spa
Eco-Friendly Spa

Best Tourist Destination
Beach Destination
Adventure Destination
Culture Destination
Food & Wine Destination

Lifetime Achievement in the Hospitality Industry
Hotel Industry
Restaurant Industry
Spa Industry
Tourist Destination Industry

Wine & Spirits

Best Bartender
Bar Manager
Bar Owner

Best Branding

Best Distillery
Large Distillery
Small Distillery
Artisanal Distillery
Eco-Friendly Distillery

Best Spirits Brand

Best Spirits Label
Traditional Spirits Label
Contemporary Spirits Label
Unique Spirits Label
Eco-Friendly Spirits Label

Best Wine
Rosé Wine
Sparkling Wine
Red Wine
White Wine

Best Wine Event
Wine Festival
Wine Tasting Event
Wine Dinner
Wine Auction

Best Wine Label
Traditional Wine Label
Contemporary Wine Label
Unique Wine Label
Eco-Friendly Wine Label

Best Wine Region
Classic Wine Region
Emerging Wine Region
Boutique Wine Region
Sustainable Wine Region

Best Winery
Large Winery
Small Winery
Family-Owned Winery
Boutique Winery

Lifetime Achievement in the Wine and Spirits Industry
Winery Lifetime Achievement
Wine Maker Lifetime Achievement
Distillery Lifetime Achievement
Bartender Lifetime Achievement