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Valve’s founder has launched a Brain-Computer Startup


Gabe Newell, the co-founder and president of Valve Corporation, has made a significant move into the brain-computer interface (BCI) sector with the launch of his startup, Starfish Neuroscience. This venture signals a pioneering effort to integrate gaming experiences directly with the human brain, potentially revolutionizing digital interactions.

Starfish Neuroscience was founded in August 2019, indicating Newell’s longstanding interest in BCI technology predating public discussions on the subject. The startup aims to develop minimally invasive wireless sensors and actuators, focusing on establishing a direct interface between the human brain and computers. Newell humorously refers to traditional input devices as “meat peripherals.”

Collaborating with former Valve hardware engineer Alan Yates and a team of scientists, including neuroengineers and a physicist, Newell’s company is advancing BCI technology. Their efforts include developing one-dimensional implants for neuromodulation and neural recording, as well as utilizing advanced Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The scope of their research extends beyond gaming to explore medical applications like improving sleep and developing synthetic body parts.

Newell has discussed the future implications of BCIs in gaming and beyond, envisioning more immersive and personalized experiences. For example, games could adjust difficulty based on the player’s emotional state or mitigate motion sickness by suppressing vertigo. He also sees potential applications in enhancing focus or mood through direct brain modulation.

Despite the exciting prospects, Newell acknowledges the challenges and risks associated with BCIs, including security vulnerabilities and ethical considerations. Protecting user privacy and navigating consent are paramount concerns.

In conclusion, Gabe Newell’s entry into the BCI sector through Starfish Neuroscience represents a bold step toward revolutionizing human-computer interaction. While promising, the ethical, security, and societal implications of BCIs must be carefully addressed as this technology progresses.

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