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Top Business Updates as of February 15, 2024


The top business updates today include a variety of news from different sectors. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Economic Indicators: Japan slips into a recession, losing its spot as the world’s third-largest economy.
  • UK fell into a recession at the end of 2023.
  • Treasury promoting new rules to stop money laundering ahead of Europe meetings.
  • Stocks drift, and yields ease after weak report on retail sales.
  • Asian shares track Wall Street’s rebound.
  • Coca-Cola overcomes falling demand in North America and puts up strong fourth quarter sales.
  • Airbus targets 800 aircraft deliveries for 2024 even as supply chain issues linger.
  • GM is nearly doubling the road miles where drivers can use its partially automated driving system.
  • Israel’s finance minister blasts Moody’s downgrade of the country’s credit rating.
  • Tinder, Hinge, and other dating apps encourage ‘compulsive’ use, lawsuit claims.
  • North Carolina lawmakers say video gambling machine legislation could resurface this year.
  • Intuitive Machines stock spikes as lunar company’s first moon mission begins.
  • Shake Shack stock surges 20% on fourth-quarter profit, strong 2024 outlook.
  • Volkswagen under pressure to ditch its China joint venture as U.S. impounds vehicles.
  • Self-driving car company Waymo issues first-ever recall after two Phoenix crashes.
  • Layoffs in 2024: A list of companies cutting jobs this year.
  • Rod Stewart sells song catalog as music rights fundraising surges.
  • Airbus extends lead over Boeing amid archrival’s stumbles.
  • Pro take: No big consumer price declines are in sight.
  • Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Uber, Airbnb, MGM Resorts, Robinhood, and more.
  • Two under-the-radar stocks outperforming during the sell-off and ready to breakout.
  • We’re tapping our large cash position to buy shares of these 3 quality companies.
  • What’s driving the market rebound on Wednesday—and why we’re buying the dips.
  • Third Point’s Dan Loeb exits Alphabet, trims big tech bets on Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Nvidia passes Alphabet in market cap and is now the third most valuable U.S. company.
  • Juniper CEO and founder Allison Esposito Medina shares the valuable lesson she learned from retiring as a millionaire, and then un-retiring after five months.
  • Picking the right covered call strategy to generate income on the stocks you own.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller exits Alphabet, keeps winning AI plays Nvidia and Microsoft.
  • Morgan Stanley names Asia-Pacific ‘alpha’ stock ideas for February—giving one nearly 80% upside.

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