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Brave’s Leo AI assistant


Brave’s Leo AI assistant is an integral feature of the Brave browser, aiming to enrich user interaction with web content while prioritizing user privacy. Leo enables various tasks such as asking questions, summarizing webpages, creating content, translating languages, and transcribing audio and video, all within the browser interface. Initially available on desktop platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux), it has now expanded to Android, with an iOS rollout anticipated soon.

One of Leo’s distinctive features is its privacy-centric design. Users can utilize Leo without creating an account or logging in, ensuring anonymity. The AI assistant doesn’t record or share chats, nor does it leverage conversations for model training. All interactions with Leo remain private, as inputs are anonymously submitted through a reverse-proxy, and responses are promptly discarded after generation.

Leo offers a free version with access to various language models, each subject to specific rate limits. For users desiring more capabilities and higher rate limits, Brave provides a Leo Premium subscription at $15 per month, offering the same models with fewer restrictions.

Accessing Leo is straightforward: desktop users can type a question in the address bar and select “Ask Leo” from suggestions or open the sidebar and click the Leo icon. On Android, users can start typing in the address bar and click ‘Ask Leo,’ or access the chat experience via the three-dot menu and tap ‘Leo.’

While Leo boasts impressive capabilities, users should remain cautious as its responses may contain inaccuracies or biases. It’s advisable to verify the information provided. Additionally, like other large language models (LLMs), Leo is susceptible to “hallucinating,” where it may generate incorrect or nonsensical information.

In essence, Brave Leo stands out as a privacy-focused AI assistant embedded within the Brave browser, offering diverse functionalities with a steadfast commitment to user privacy and security. It’s available for free with an option to upgrade for advanced features and fewer limitations.

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