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Google hit with $2.3B Lawsuit by 32 Media Groups


The lawsuit against Google, filed by 32 media companies including Axel Springer and Schibsted, is a significant legal challenge for the tech giant. The lawsuit, seeking damages of $2.3 billion (2.1 billion euros), alleges that Google’s practices in digital advertising have led to substantial financial losses for these media companies. The core argument revolves around Google’s dominance in the market, which the plaintiffs claim has created a less competitive environment, resulting in lower advertising revenues for media companies and higher fees for ad tech services.

The media companies contend that Google’s abuse of its dominant position has deprived them of additional funds that could have been invested in strengthening the European media landscape. This argument is backed by regulatory actions against Google, including a 220-million-euro fine imposed by the French competition authority in 2021 and charges brought by the European Commission.

The lawsuit, filed in a Dutch court, is strategically chosen due to the Netherlands’ reputation as a key jurisdiction for antitrust damages claims in Europe. This choice aims to consolidate the legal proceedings and avoid multiple claims in different countries. The group of media companies involved in the lawsuit spans various European countries, reflecting the widespread impact of Google’s alleged anticompetitive practices.

In response, Google has labeled the lawsuit as speculative and opportunistic, expressing its intention to vigorously oppose the claims. The company has also emphasized its role in supporting publishers across Europe through its advertising tools, which are utilized by both publishers and competitors to fund content and reach customers.

The outcome of this legal battle will likely have significant implications for the digital advertising landscape in Europe and could potentially shape future regulations surrounding the practices of tech giants in the region.

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